Petition: Add OPR live to Myriad Anomaly Sites

I would like to propose that OPR live is added to the Myriad Anomaly sites. I believe this would be a beneficial addition for the following reasons:

1.) It allows for further improvement of the portal network

This is the first point because it is the most important. We all know that the portal network is far from perfect. There is an abundance of horror stories of invalid portals not being removed - even with in-game report or appeal, or a valid portal submission repeatedly being rejected in OPR several times over (even with high quality photos and titles!)

2.) It gives Niantic an additional source of revenue from the anomaly

With the removal of official swag, Niantic is losing a good portion of their potential revenue from agents attending an anomaly site. The cost of the OPR live ticket would be a good way to supplement this.

3.) It will promote more agents to review on OPR

Participating in (or even just seeing) the OPR live event will encourage agents to start reviewing on OPR. This is because they will see so many of their fellow agents, regardless of faction, working hard to improve the portal network - waiting in lines, making their case, and so forth. This may inspire people who have never reviewed before to give it a shot, or people who have slowed down how much they review to pick it back up again. This is overall beneficial for the game.

4.) With the inclusion of the tiered badge, OPR live should really be at every anomaly site, primary or not, both for the reasons above, as well as the fact that currently the badge is near-impossible to achieve.

The onyx OPR live badge requires 20 ticks. This is an unrealistically large amount. Given the fact there are only 2 or 3 anomalies per year, this badge will already take over 6 years to achieve. This assumes that an agent wishing for the badge is able to (both physically and economically) travel to primary sites for every anomaly. This negatively effects satellite sites because someone who is closer to a satellite site, however wants the OPR live badge tick (among others) may opt to travel to a primary site instead, if they are able. Including satellite sites in OPR live will create the possibility for many more players to get a higher tier badge than otherwise possible for them.

I'm sure that, if cost is the only factor preventing this, each satellite site could raise enough funds (through swag sales or direct donations) to cover the cost of a member of NIA OPS to travel to the site.


  • SachielOneSachielOne ✭✭✭

    Niantic has no on-site presence at any of the sites this time around, making any of the extra events impossible to run.

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