Apple ID issue: No portal nomination e-mails will be sent

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For some months I've been using Apple ID for logging in to Ingress, because it faster and eats less bandwidth than Google. Coincidentally for some months I've been wondering, why I won't receive any e-mail notifications regarding my new portal submissions from Wayfarer.

Having created more than 600 accepted portals in Ingress, these notification e-mails regarding submissions being received, accepted, rejected etc is obviously important for me, so I was kind of bummed out as I no longer got any e-mails and I was trying to trace steps back to why this was happening and what was different. Finally I realized I had switched to using Apple ID login with Ingress Prime.

I signed out, switched to Google Login, and submitted a couple of new portals. And there it was: Suddenly I was receive e-mails again for my new portal submissions.

Why this happens? I suspect Ingress Prime forwards the user's Apple ID e-mail address to Wayfarer instead of the Google e-mail address which we use to register our accounts into Ingress. (altho I didn't get any e-mails sent to my Apple ID e-mail either regarding my portal submissions). I also suspect this happens when using Facebook login with Ingress Prime.

So, the bug:

Ingress Prime does not know how to handle the agent's registration e-mail address (gmail) when submitting portals and using Apple ID to login to Ingress Prime. Agent will not receive any e-mails regarding their portal submissions which have been made under Apple ID login, whether the portal nomination is received, accepted or rejected. (probably happens with Facebook login too, but not tested) Agent WILL receive e-mails regarding their OLD submissions which have been made under Google-login.

Desired behaviour:

Ingress Prime communicates the actual registered e-mail address (gmail) of the agent to Wayfarer when new portal submissions are made.

@NianticBrian Brian my man, I know you're an Apple user, please check out the benefits of Apple ID login (it really is faster and works even in areas with poor signal 3G, unlike Google login) and forward this issue to the developer-powers-that-be :-)

Ingress Prime version 2.105.3-705fad82

iPhone 14 pro 512GB

iOS 16.2

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