Can not scan portals at all

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From my past Portal scans [scout:552 controller:606] I understand there are two different modes of scanning: meshing and non-meshing. The meshing mode shows criss-cross meshes over the parts of the camera view that Ingress has digested; the non-meshing mode shows hexagons over the significant points in the camera view that Ingress has recognised. Currently, neither of those modes works on my phone.

With meshing turned on, the Ingress app instantly crashes whenever a scan is started; it also instantly crashes if the scan is started in non-meshing mode and the top-right button is pressed to turn meshing on. [See also: scan causes app crash]

With meshing turned off, no hexagons at all ever appear within the view and after recording a whole 30 seconds (or however long it is) of scan, it just says "Scan failed" with the reason of insufficient meshes. (Well I know there are no meshes - meshing is turned off!)

This situation is not ideal for earning the Scout and Scout Controller badges. I was in a park in a different city yesterday and that should have been a good opportunity to scan new portals, but it was not to be.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10e

Ingress: 2.105.3-705fad82

Android: 12

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  • I have the same Phone and the same problem. Already reinstalled the scanner, but that did not solve the problem.

    Hope this bug can be fixed!

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've had this issue the past weekend when doing scans. When I immediately saw no hexagons display, I stopped the scan. I think my solution was exiting out of the game, restarting it, and hoping for the scans to work. It seems perhaps something very buggy with how Ingress incorporates the functionality and it could be a problem on every device.

  • GGThunderGGThunder ✭✭

    I have this problem since someone put a battle on a portal close by, since than I can't scan at all because that button is gone, also can't upload pictures later. This button also disappeared.

    Using galaxy s12

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Meshing seem to work only with some Snapdragon devices. In my case (Samsung S8 on Exynos with custom A10) i can only scan without meshing but sometimes it leads to scanner stuck and/or FC. Afaik overclock needs meshing too.

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