Links dropping from discharging portal prematurely

I've just recharged a portal

and the portal still has 8 resos with low energy, but all the links dropped. I guess, this shouldn't have happened.

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  • I tried to reproduce the circumstances.

    I had to destroy the red link, which crossed 3 of the 24, in order to rebuild mines. I left a red portal under the field and charged the anchor daily to just a little over 14%. Nothing to note happened, but the Machina portal went down this morning without growing any more links. Sooo, my experiment is over for a while.

    I wonder, if it is not a bug, but working as expected, that the red links can not only cross other links, but if the energy of the portal drops below 14%, they will also eliminate it... in that case why all the links disappeared, not just the cross? Why the portal was able to hold the resos, but not the links? 🤔 It doesn't make sense, so it's more likely a bug anyway.

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