I'm MinorThreath, resistance agent since '16 I l have recursed and now level 14, have been played since Paititi, 6 mission day's, multiple first Saturday, +2000 agreement in Wayfarer,part of the organizers of FS, played in multiple anomaly, recharge room to Mexico and got know by resistance and enlightened agents from my country, now almost a month ago my account got terminated without reason, as anormal have been my ban that I didn't receive email notification, as any agent I put my ban appeal and hope to get resolve the mistake but it didn't happen, now I came to tell my history and hope to be read by the right NIA worker who analyze my case and let me get back my account, I still remember the thrill of get the guardian medal, sojourner, trekker, I don't want to lose my achievements and worst lost my connection with the with me since I was a college student.



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