IFS Ogden, UT - 6/4/2022 - Christmas Village

Each month our Utah First Saturday visits the location of one of the amazing events that take place in this great state. For December, we're heading to Ogden to check out the Christmas Village.

Christmas Village illuminates Ogden’s downtown area with magnificent displays and holiday lights every year from the Saturday after Thanksgiving through January 1. Spectators find themselves in a dazzling winter wonderland set aglow with Christmas lights and a unique setting of cottages modeled after Santa’s village at the North Pole.

The theme for the Christmas Village festivities this year is “Shine Bright”, and an ornament in the shape of a diamond is hidden in each of the cottages for visitors to find as they explore the displays.

There is also a Holiday Electric Light Parade and you can bring the kids to see Santa and even have breakfast with him!

We had a great time meeting agents from all over the world in this month's chat, we tried out the IFS bot this time around and are seriously enjoying that, and we got to solve a passcode challenge from Mazatlan, MX this month instead of Ogden, UT. A slight mixup sent us the wrong pictures but we made due and solved it by exploring a little bit of Mexcio!

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