Unkillable Portal Glitch

I've experienced this error several times where an enemy portal is on the cusp of being neutralised but no bursters impact it at all. This has happened a few times where someone is unable to capture a unique, a portal remains stuck to a faction and cannot be interacted by anyone. It cannot be jarvised or ADA'd, and it will still zap you as if it were still an active enemy portal. While that portal remains alive, other blue portals in the vicinity are impacted and neutralised. Screen share below via YouTube:

Other details:

  • This occurred by destroying a whole bunch of fields and linked portals, leaving this one resonator and portal untouched. It should have been neutralised despite the 20+ Level 8 bursters thrown at it.
  • This has been reported by a few people. It occurred at the recent Epiphany Dawn battle beacon anomaly in the Sydney CBD where not just one, but two portals ended up being stuck with one low health resonator which cannot be deployed on by others or even recharged by the portal owner in range.
  • On Pixel 6 Android. It is on the most recent Android version but this issue has been happening for quite a while now.
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  • Also this is the Intel map for the eternal blue portal:

    It's not fully eternal though, the portal will naturally neutralise itself when the portals sync from the Lightship database around 9:15AEST or if it decays to grey. I was meant to do some fielding with the large amount of keys for this portal, but those plans are ruined because of this bug.

  • kiloecholimakiloecholima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Deploying a beacon on the portal seems to be one of the ways to get around this bug and get the portal to go neutral in real time.

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