Choosen of Nemesis

As we prepare to enter into the battle against Nemesis, I wonder what exactly does it mean to be one of the Choosen of Nemesis? I find myself wondering if it is just an honorary title, or it will grant agents any special privileges/abilities?

For those who had completed the Enemy Mine mission, if you suddenly received a message asking if you would take arms against Hubris as a member of Nemesis factuon, while forsaking your ties to [the Enlightened / the Resistance], would you? If so, why?


  • It depends. For me if it means enabling more back and forth on the battlefield yes. Otherwise no...

  • RavenstonRavenston ✭✭

    I would not. I chose Enlightened based on the idea that XM enhances intelligence and creativity and we want to use it to help humanity. This has not changed.

  • Resistance agents believe the same thing but seem to have a "let's regulate/privatize/corporatize XM" view. At least that seems to be the onlything that separates the Resistance from the ENL these days beyond their individual views of specific exogenous civilizations.

    Only thing we know about Nemesis is they are against the Niantic Magnus, so it's hard to know the nature of their goals.

  • Yet another Exogenous entity arrives to interfere with humanity? Time will tell where the "hubris" lies....

  • Perhaps they've all been the same Exo's all along.

  • Is there a place where someone archived the Nemesis Mission? Has there been any mission connected to Hubris?

  • The Nemesis mission dis not have any special text associated with it. At least, as far as I remembered (I was going to take a screenshot of each portal but ended up not doing it).

    It did, however result in the collection of this media:

  • This opens the question to what the Hubris is and by extension the Ate and Arete as the are all part of the same equation. There is not enough information.

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