multi-accounts, a problem never solved

Good morning, I hope you accept the use of the translator for this thread. Now we come to the important thing, multi-accounts are and have always been a problem, both for the agents and for the support area. a big problem that to date has no solution. Today I see myself surrounded by multi-accounts that are used to expand the range of the portals and use portals in the middle of the sea to cut the game. and they will wonder how I know they are multi-accounts. you realize that they use them only for that, that these accounts have no other game within ingress other than placing their resonator 8 to expand their range. accounts that stop playing along with their "main" accounts and come back together. accounts is more only the main ones make the links and the fields and you are multi-accounts do not take medals or points. It's sad to see how others use cheats and you don't see responses from a girl. I'm still waiting for someone to help me see this. I know it's difficult because I'm sure they'll use other cell phones to pretend they're more people than they really are. If anyone else has these problems, we could get together to try to make sure that the girl listened to us and give this game that we love the chance to continue without the cheaters that always follow us. thanks and regards


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    I provided Thia with a method to eliminate or significantly reduce multi accounting.

    Solutions aren't easy to implement and Niantic have their own methods to defeat multiple accounting

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  • ank you for your comment, I hope this is resolved soon. I don't want to leave this community because of the multi-accounts

  • What is your goal? Are the multi accounts preventing you from playing your game? Report them for that reason. Though I agree cheating is for lougers, it happens, but lets have fun

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    As if reporting for multi-accounting works as expected....🙄

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    This problem will never end cause the game's support is a joke. You've got be lucky to get someone banned for this reason. At this point multi-accounting looks like it's almost permitted considering they do nothing to the people that use many accounts to lvl up a portal.

    Of course multiaccounters prevent people from properly playing the game, it makes you use extra resources to bring down reinforced portals with 4 mods for example, that's discouraging. Now that double 7 is gone it's even harder to get high level weapons to destroy reinforced portals, specially when u are playing alone against the opposite faction and almost half of them (in my city) use at least 2 accounts.

    Here we have someone that uses 3 accounts, according to him "one belongs to his wife and the other to his bother-in-law", but you never see those accounts doing any action by themselves yet you still always see them on every portal this person owns, there's no register for resonator upgrades or mod deployment so it's actually hard to catch them playing cause it's obvious that he's silently using those account when no one can see him.

    Best you can do is get another phone and do the same, Niantic doesn't give a sheet.

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    I think "back in the day" the game had communities that would more or less disown agents for getting caught doing things like multi-accounting, etc. As the game has lost agent numbers, community power has shrunk as well. Areas with strong communities that would self-police are long since gone and with multi-accounting the norm in games like Pokemon Go, it's become damn near normalized in Ingress as well. "It's my daughters account" is so common now it's become a joke.

    And then, we really have no support or outlet for conversation with Niantic. Either find ways to burn them out or get burned out yourself. I go back and forth on how much effort and time I really want to waste on a game that continually shows they kinda don't really care if the game is being played fair or not. So, I take breaks now and when I feel motivated, I play a bit and when the game isn't fun, I do something else..

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    Yes. If only talking about "Inappropriate Gameplay Report" support tickets...only following three categories will be reviewed manually by really reading your ticket:

    Spoofing with Fast Track form submitted (firstly someone will check if your ticket matches fast track rules and then read your ticket if met)

    COMM hara.ssment

    In-Person hara.ssment

    However, generally following categories will be reviewed manually by directly closing your ticket or at most performing a system scan on targeting account before closing the ticket but not actually reading your ticket:

    Spoofing without Fast Track form submitted, or not complying with the Fast Track criteria


    Perhaps You could imagine the reasons behind this. It's because general spoofing and multi-accounting would be detected by their system automatically and thus no need to read your ticket. We know that it's difficult for their system to detect those cheatings but if they are not detected automatically by the system then it wouldn't be as well by analyzing the words your sent.

    All what "multi-accounting reports" can do is to tell Niantic that someone is angry about someone's behavior, that's all. This helps to aggravate the pun.ishment if later Niantic really found something wrong with targeting account and decided to deliver pun.ishment. But it does not help the conviction.

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