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I work at a very large privately owned, opened to the public (6 days a week), Park. Before I started playing ingress people had submitted statues and structures with names that they chose. @NianticScot I’m asking you because you’ve answer me before quite quickly. How can I bypass OPR for title edits. If someone comes in and I say go to the “Lost Boys” Statue they won’t find it because they’ve named it “Blue Boys”, which is the name of a completely different statue many, many acres away on the other side of the property. I want these portals named correctly but OPR keeps choosing the wrong one. Do I have a chance?


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    All edits go through OPR, the only things that don't are new photos and invalid portal reports.

    If you want to change the title and people on OPR can't find anything to confirm the new title, then they would probably choose "don't know", so I would try making a description edit at the same time. (You can't do the two together, but if make them within a few minutes they should be reviewed together).

    So, for example, if you can add a description that says that the "Lost Boys Statue" was created by <sculptor> and was commissioned by <whoever>... then you stand a better chance of getting the change through. If I saw a good description like that I would search for the statue to try and confirm it for myself

  • Invalid Appeal- It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted via the Scanner; at this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

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    The right sub-thread for this issue would be https://community.ingress.com/en/categories/title-description-edit

    Try to crosspost or repost there. It might get more responses than things in General section. :)

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    Por currently only show info that's being edited. Always showing the description of the portal would avoid this situation, if the description helps.

    What people are doing is sending an extra edit, stating the reason why and the correct options, but this can lead to a ban.

  • I don't think that sub-thread was available when I first posted this, thank you.

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