Incorrect Tier for Pathfinder Badge

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I was a level 15 agent at 17:00 UTC, Nov 21 2022. I leveled up to 16 and recursed after the event ended. Yesterday I was incorrectly awarded the onyx medal. I hope this can be fixed.

I know this might be a good thing for some people, but I'm asking because I don't want the onyx medal and I stayed at level 15 on purpose. To be honest, suppressing my urge to play during the event wasn't pleasant, but I made it.

I've already submitted a support ticket and the reply was "it was automated and we can't change it", which makes me wonder if the support team actually reads our messages. I'm not asking because "hey I don't like this medal you need to give me a medal I like", I'm asking because your automated system made a MISTAKE that gave me a medal I don't deserve, and mistakes should be corrected. My intention is the least important thing here. There could be other players receiving medals they don't deserve and it is unfair to those players that actually worked their way up.

Do something Niantic, this is not the right way to earn player's trust.

@NianticBrian @NianticThia

Edit: the recursion I made after I leveled up to 16 was my first recursion. I was not a recursed agent when event period ended.

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