App will not load over mobile data

The app is refusing to load on mobile data (4G). It just times out and says Ingress requires a secure connection, or it will just show the triangular loading spinner for minutes on end. I have force restarted the app, cleared storage and cache, restarted the phone, switched into airplane mode and back, tried a VPN and nothing will kickstart the game app into working. If I load from WiFi and then disconnect, I can play the game absolutely fine over my mobile connection, it is only loading up that doesn't work.

For reference, I also play Pikmin Bloom, which loads over mobile data in under a minute.

Ingress 2.104.1, Android 11 on Fairphone 3+

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  • If this started happening this morning at approximately 9am PST/5pm UTC, then I think this is a known issue that we're working to resolve.

    If this was happening before 9am and continues to happen, can you share who your mobile carrier is and an approximate (not precise) location?

  • This has been going on at least a month now. My carrier is EE and I play in NR02-Juliet-10.

  • NysyrNysyr ✭✭✭✭

    Assuming you are using Google; Google login ( has OCSP check done by browser (at least on iOS) which is done over plain http port 80 to:

    Google login also has the Root certs pinned in most browsers.

    Are you using the same login for both Ingress and Pikmin? Do you get to and past the login?

    The main connection for Ingress is to:

    You should see if you can load the Ingress URL on your mobile data and see a valid cert chain (it will give a 404 but can still check the cert).

  • @ShionS i had this issue some time last year i think and im also using EE i could use Wifi & Login perfectly but the second i turned on Mobile Data 4G none of my Niantic Apps would load,i also use Pikmin Bloom & sadly this is the cause of most if not ALL of my issues since its been on my device from my device freezing & crashing,to all my memory (Ram) being gobbled up constantly and it still wants more and can crash my phone or just run sluggish until i do a full restart....getting rid of Pikmin Bloom For A While returned my device to normal use but the second i put it back on my device all my issues like you have mentioned on your post havent been much help in app either so these days i only play when i take the dog out or if community day is running,that saying PoGO,PB,Ingress,HPWU are all on my device and PB seems to be the root cause as back in february all my device sensors went down due to PB glitching and my steps and GPS Data wasnt recorded at all.

    Hope this give you some insight from what i went through and that your not alone. do you get on with your Fairphone 3+ i was looking at the 5G edition but not convinced yet and i use a 2018 Nokia 7.1

  • Interesting that PB seems to be the cause of your issues. I know it eats a lot of RAM, I used to be able to switch between Ingress and PB without either of them restarting at the beginning of the year but PB is a memory hog now - on my phone Ingress uses about 0.5GB whereas PB is more like 1.5GB which is insane. I do wish Nia would allow graphics options like turning off portal flames, jiggle animations on Pikmin etc but that's another conversation.

    I haven't been able to find errors trying @Nysyr's suggestions as the app has been behaving itself this week which is bizarre as I'm still on the same app version and in the same geographical area. I'm kinda at a loss at what to do, I guess I'll just have to wait for the issue to resurface and try accessing those URIs again to see if I get a cert chain.

    With regards to the Fairphone, if you're referring to a 5G model, that would be the Fairphone 4 which I can't speak for as I don't have it. Fairphones have some caveats, some of which can be mitigated (eg: photo quality is meh but install a port of the Google Pixel app and they're pretty good) so they're not for everyone. Some people complain of poor water resistance (heh!) which is to be expected from a modular phone but I've Ingressed out in the British winter with my FP3 and it's still trucking 2 years on. Doesn't do portal scanning though :( (FP4 might, need to check) If you're on Reddit, might be worth posting to the r/fairphone subreddit, rather than going offtopic here 😅

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