Emojis in Comms not rendering and Rickhouse recommendation

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Hello, noticing that emojis are not rendering in comms in my app

Where there should be emoji, I'm seeing grey boxes.

I use a Google Pixel 4a, running Android 13 build TP1A.221005.002. currently connected to WiFi, otherwise LTE.

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  • I also notice comm messages being jumbled in the top level scanner

  • Just to add to Cuddly’s bug report, this is only affecting Android users.

    iOS to iOS - No issues

    iOS to Android - issues

    Android to Android - issues

    Also the recipient of the COMM message receives an alert mentioning ‘ recommend Rickhouse tomorrow! ‘ which is very odd. However in COMMS, it’s just unrendered with no text as per the agents screenshot above.


  • I saw the Rickhouse thing, too, but from a different agent

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