Scan causes app crash.

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Whenever I try to scan a portal it causes the app to crash. This behaviour began on the 17th of November. It has worked well thousands of times previously.

Action taken:

App on/off - no change

Phone on/off - no change

Clear app cache - no change

Softweare/ Hardware

Phone: Galexy Z fold 3 5G (problems persistes if phone is in folded or open mode)

Model: SM-F926B/DDS

Android veresion: 12

Security patch level 1 Octover 2022

Connected to 4G/5G

Ingress version: 2.104.1 (updated on the night of 17 November I think, which would make the bug persistent over both versions).

The Android OS reported the action as a crash and I sent the folowing data to the android crash team:

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