November 2022 Second Sunday

As Second Sunday began, agents were keen to add an increment to their Second Sunday stat. Agents in the Second Sunday Telegram chat shared with each other their experiences of Second Sunday, places visited and the missions they accomplished. Some agents were able to meet up and do missions together too. Photographs shared suggest that much cake and other food was enjoyed.

The day also began with reports of the mysterious red faction. The group reported sightings, curiosity and observations of its behaviour. What could this strange phenomenon mean?

We had 43 participants who joined in the informal Second Sunday competition, uploading stats and selfies using the bot from DhrMekmek. The ingress year 10 double ap event saw some staggering ap gain this month. We also noticed that the top three agents for XM Recharged were responsible for 47.4% of total recharge, and one agent was responsible for 93% of all MU captured in the competition.

Stats Talk

Overall: 43 Agents, 38,069,046 Total AP, 22 Level ups (including 2 recursions), 30,976,323 XM Recharged, 537 km walked, 366 unique missions completed, 1,079,899 Mind Units captured. 0.68 missions per km walked.

RES: 24 Agents 23,883,122 Total AP, 10 Level ups, 12,463,846 XM recharged, 308 km walked, 192 unique missions 1,048,899 Mind Units captured.

ENL: 19 Agents 14,185,924 Total AP, No Level up, 18,512,477 XM recharged, 229 km walked, 174 unique missions, 30,989 Mind Units captured.

The large number of unique portals visited on Second Sunday showed that many agents explored and discovered new places: RES 1,109 ENL 361 totalling 1,470 unique portal visits.

We enjoyed Second Sunday and look forward to the next one. Thank you to all the mission creators who help make this aspect of ingress so enjoyable for us.


  • Thank you organisers, bot creator, portal submitters and banner creators. A great day with this great game ! 💙💚

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