Speech voice bugged on remote distance

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Hello everyone,

Issue: I can't hear speech from p8 portals on remote distance view employing keys and dynamic links. (I discovered it because I wanted to know if there were some voices on Red Portals).

What I was expecting: To hear some speech from portals to discuss it further on Essex. The speech missing is the one that could be heard from Jarvis at lvl 8 ENL portals and ADA from lvl 8 RES portals. If you are in close range, you should be able to listen it, but on remote view, you can't.

I am using:

-Huawei p20 Pro.

-Ingress version: 2.103.3-fd47a290

-Android version: 10

I asked the agent @LittleKehua to check whether she could hear anything from portals and she said no. So the same issue was reproduced. She is using:

-Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

-Ingress version: 2.103.3-fd47a290

-Android version: 12

PS. We both can hear voices like: "Hypercube disengaged", "XM reserves XX %" and so on, but not on portals speech in remote view.

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  • LittleKehuaLittleKehua ✭✭
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    I wonder if enabling "Native Refresh Rate" helps ...I wouldn't think so at all 😅 but, worth a try...


    [Edit: no, doesn't fix/add the missing voice]

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    By design I belive....

    If you want to hear voices, **** *****

    Move agent, move

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