Visual bug with italian text

Screenshots taken on Xiaomi 11T Pro with Android 12 SKQ1.211006.001. Ingress version is 2.103.3

Italian text are sometime too long and this generate some visualization issue.

1) and 2) are just ugly, 3) hides a useful information.

1) Time range in agent profile

While "Settimana" couldn't be shorter, "Dall'inizio" might be shortened to "Sempre".

Weirdly, this problem only happens if the agent do not have public stats:

2) Send DM on Campfire

This text is just too long. I would suggest to change it to "Contatta su Campfire" (Contact them on Campfire) or "Scrivi su Campfire" (Write [them] on Campfire)

Second screenshot is not cut on the right, the menu goes out of the screen because the text is too long.

3)Recharge range efficiency

The text is so long I can't see the percentage. I understand this translation is not easy, I would suggest "Efficienza della ricarica" or better "Efficienza ricarica"

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