FA Rainbow Unicorn

Hi! I want to share my sitrep with you. But I'm newbie to this forum, so the link and the picture will not look very presentable.😔 Hope to fix it in the near future.😊

Fieldart is the best way to remember how important team cohesion is and how cool it is to play together! Especially when it's a beautiful picture that will be remembered for a long time. Agents of the Moscow Enlightenment know it like no other. And even if the work is not perfect, it is still an amazing event.

So, for your attention, from the creators of “The father of dragons” and “What does the fox say” the new blockbuster “Rainbow Unicorn”!

FOTO: photos.app.goo.gl/vwERLCrN9mQAj28k6

The full report (in russian) is available at this link telegra.ph/RAINBOW-UNICORN-06-27

PLAN: reneari

ORGA: Akalabet, albes, bra1ss, Demruno, iMalkav, Mashatta, Tlalocbay, reneari, ulafitay, xyllugahka


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