Recycling stacking/locking

When I recycle say 5x L1 xmp (click the + and add up to 5 then hit recycle), the items are recycled. then go to my L2s to recycle 4 (again hit + and add up 4 and hit recycle). I am prompted with a window that says, do you want to recycle 9 items? (5 +4 =9). I hit yes, but nothing happens. The 2's are not recycled because the game is thinking the 1's are still there and trying to add them. To fix this I have to go back to the scanner and then back to my inventory. Recycle 4x 2's, window comes up to recycle 4 items. Yes... all good.

I am on an android phone. Error happens every time recently for me when using the plus option to increase the amount to recycle and then followed by a 2nd item to recyle using the plus sign.

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  • Same on iOS 16.1.1 and Ingress 2.104.1. sometimes this happens and sometimes it does not when recycling limited quantities of different gear.

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