Dark XM infected portals in the field

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You read that correctly. "Red portals" have begun appearing in the scanner. These are portals which have been infected with dark XM.

If you attempt to hack these, they will drain your entire XM reserves.

They will spread if left alone.

Encourage you to neutralize any that you encounter.

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  • If destroyed they leave a lot of items lying around on the map.

    i found a nest developing. Lots of lev 1 Portals connected to each other and at least one lev 4.

    they seem to loose energy. But not shure what happens if they drain naturaly- maybe level up and spread instead of going neutral?

    lots of theories no data jet unfortunatly.

    and will not get any since i dont plan on letting it spread.


  • They seem to be able to even cross faction links:

  • Attacking them and killing them gets alot of mods

  • What is the best way to destroy a red portal?

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