Portal outside field on intel map, inside in game


my WP is shown outside field on intel map but in real my portal is inside field.

see screenshot below

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  • dw235dw235 ✭✭
    edited November 2022

    Short answer: the Earth is round but the scanner approximates links as it was flat.

    The link that goes near your wp must beat least some kilometers long and you are not near its anchor.

    I’ve already seen a portal about 200 meters in a field from the scanner while in was near it but outside on the intel. It was near the middle of a 50 km link (so about 25 km from each anchor of that link.

    Even if the portal was shown as in a field in the scanner, it was still possible to link it to another portal outside of the field (the link under field was not yet available at that time).

    Edit: the link is 141 km and the portal in Montauban is 54 km away from the closest anchor in the north-west.

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