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  • I'm here for the Big Ten! I wish to Ingress many more years of getting people together. It was a life changer and can't wait to see what new adventures has to offer in the next ten years!

  • Started in year 3, Just to try a new game,.. don´t know what to do,.. can´t do it at home,.. ok, i let it rest,.. november; oh i can have a badge if i made it to lvl3 (yeah i really don´t now how and it was hard for me😅)

    Wait, i have to move outside my home... ok, i made it to lvl3 yeah how good am i 🤣🤣

    Few weeks later ; i recieved a message in that game??

    Who is this?...

    He lives in my area,..

    Hello Emvee64, my sensei, Who learned me everything i need to know..

    Cool this is a fun game,.. how easy is it to reach lvl 5.. great.. sins that Day, my live changed,... i go outside instead of behind my computer, i made friends,.. i get Color on my skin 😅🤣

    I can tell a lot of story´s,.. but i´ll guess you all have youre story´s in a same way i had, so..

    Hello All, thanks All,

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    Played for 10 years.... I have never played a mobile game for 10 years. Ingress is indeed the number one game in my opinion. Thanks Niantic for the rollercoaster journey. Its been fun.

  • I got my invite in December '12 , but I couldn't play since my phone was a Nokia :'(

    I had to wait until May '13 and my first Android smartphone to really start playing and haven't stopped since.

    I made many new friends.

    I visited cities and places I wouldn't have visited otherwise.

    I own a lot of green clothes and accessories now :)

    I taught myself Python, Perl and Javascript for Ingress; okay, maybe the last one is a minus 🤣

    Many memories with this game - good and maybe-not-so-good-but-still-worth-it. Too bad about Google+ , when it went down it brought down so many stories, photos, videos and relationships.

  • Thanks!

  • Starting in the redacted time then prime with its ups and downs. Technology can fail, however the interaction between players same or opposite factions is what brings it alive. Going over to a play a game +9000km away from home sais enough about how one feels about this game.

    Being able to chat with Brian Rose, John Hanke, Ethan, Thia etc in person... so accessible and about unknown in any other game.

    You guys created something that makes people connect with each other, makes them go outside. This in an era where most enclose themselves in their own environment.

    Thank you for the past experiences and hoping many more to follow in the future.

  • Thank you for a most enjoyable game. I love the exploration, meeting people, contributing to the game, and the creativity.

  • Thank you Ingress! Besides all new friends, I met a nicest fellow agent a few years ago, and we got married last summer 😊

    Thanks also for all other adventures I would never done without Ingress. 💙

  • Tengo un solo reclamo, NIANTIC debería ajustar mejor los precios de los artículos en la tienda, para algunos donde la moneda está devaluada comprar cosas nos es casi imposible y hablo de LATAM con referencia a los demás países salimos perdiendo.

  • Thanks to Ingress i got back in touch with my kids after a long reviladation. So my congratulations and gratitude! May Ingress have a long life filled with joyful Moments!

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    Cheers to Ingress Year 10! Been playing for almost 6 years and will continue doing so in the years to come!

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    It’s been a life changer for me! I was down in the dumps and had to restart my life during Covid. The game has given me an opportunity to meet so many awesome people some of whom are as dear as family now and made me better myself in so many ways. It’s been an amazing game and I hope it continues to be.

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  • 8 Years of playing Ingress

    2 continents, 14 countries, a lot of events and the most important thing FRIENDS all over the world.

    Thanks Niantic for this wonderful game 🤩

    Expecting more years of exploration side by side with you 😊

  • Words cannot express all my experiences, friendships and emotions I have attached to this "game."

    I will share my favourite "Ingress" song instead... The song is featured in all the episodes of "Ingress: The Animation" *Season 1. "Tessellate" by Alt J. (Note: My most favourite version is sung by Ellie Goulding, I first heard the song through her.) The lyrics, "Triangles are my favourite shape," catches me every time! 🎶

    Thank you Niantic and the Ingress Team for keeping this game going strong, for 10 years wow!! 👏

    💠 Huge thank you to the playerbase communities too, appreciate you all!!

    Ps: when is the Ingress anime's Season 2 releasing? 😃

  • I wanted to get Ingress as soon as I had heard about it but I couldn’t get the right device to run it. Sometime after it became available on iOS, I used a friend’s iPad to load it. Problem was it didn’t has cellular and I could not get it to work.

    it took me 3 more years before I was able to get it on a device. It opened up a new world of mystery, exploration, and many new friends.

    I love the adventure, the puzzles, and the complex lore that twists and turns with every chapter. It is just something that has to compete with my life responsibilities and my career.

    This has been an awesome experience and I hope it continues for another ten years!

    Thank you Niantic.

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    I was start playing Ingress from this Year, and travel 200-500km just to capture portals and to earn medals like super-position.

    It's all depend upon us, how we would like to play and everyone have their unique memories while exploring the world with Ingress 😊.

    Today me with 2 friends celebrate Ingress 10th Birthday like that 👇

    Happy Ingress Anniversary and Niantic Team for such enjoyable AR game.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Congrats to niantic and the ingress team, who knew the game would reach 10 years! 😍

    Lets hope it will be alive for another 10 years of fun! 😎

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  • Started playing in late 2013 on a nexus 7 with a M11x laptop as a battery pack.

    Went the the Interitus Anomaly in brisbane and meet so many wonderful people, I remember being so tired that day.

    Thank Niantic & Ingress for the last 10 years and here to the next 10!

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