Subindo Level

Galera que é lvl alto daqui gostaria que me ajudassem se tem alguma dica pra subir de lvl rápido fora apenas linkando portais e hacheando?


  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Best way is to use Apex's during double AP for 4x the AP.

    Link stars, ie linking a lot to one portal, flipping it, smash then rebuild.

    Layered fields are always great.

    If you are able to buy lots of Very Rare Battle Beacons, you can make the best AP gain possible, using a layered field approach.

    Link down a spine of portals, with the anchor having Ultra Link Amps on them.

    You need lots of keys for the other anchor and the spine.

    As the portal flips factions, you can either smash, rebuild and relink, or use another nearby portal to link out to the spine and the other anchor.

    Using this method, some players have managed to Level up from Level 1 to L16 in a single day

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