Portal Appeal

Hi, I am from a semi urban Area in India, and there is no nearby portal for us to visit. I have reached lvl10 and submitted portal request but it has been a month and no submission has been accepted. Is there any solution?


  • JohnnyAlphaCZJohnnyAlphaCZ ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    Unfortunately that could mean that there aren't enough players in your area to review your portal submissions. When I'm reviewing portals I seem to be limited to a range of about 200 km. If you have any contact with other players in the region or even abroad, try to convince them to change their bonus review location to your area.

    When you reach level 12, you can start doing OPR yourself and earn upgrades that push your submissions to the front of the queue.

    Other than that, patience is the only answer. Keep submitting portals.

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