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There is no option to buy CMU in the store portion of of the game browser. I have purchased CMU in the past, now it isn't available. Is this a new policy change?

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  • I'm not able to reproduce that in the US; I can still see CMU available to buy when I go to Main menu, Store, Chaotic Matter Units.

    What Ingress version number are you using?

    What device and OS version are you on?

    What country are you in?

  • Agent32IAgent32I ✭✭
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    Hey Brian, I hope you're doing well. I'm in Denver and I'm actually replicating the same issue and I just sent a screenshot in the National telegram chat. The ability to purchase CMU has been completely revoked from my scanner. And when I try to purchase some it gives me a weird error.

    Best, Agent32I

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  • Just to quick up date, after uninstalling Ingress and reinstalling I was able to have it show.

  • AjimuTakuhaAjimuTakuha ✭✭
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    Does not work for me though. Cleared cache and data, uninstalled and installed again, still can't see options to buy CMU.

    Version 2.103.3, OnePlus 8T (KB2000) on ColorOS12.1

    Also, the subscription data shows Jan 01, 0001, but shows correct info in Google Play subscription list.

  • Still have problem cmu purchase & core program sign-up, after removal & reinstall of Ingress Prime. Anyone have suggestions?

  • Update: after upgrading to version 2.104.1, the cmu purchase is still unavailable.

  • My ability to see the c.o.r.e. program and/or cmu purchase options is not visible. location in USA. game version: 2.104.1-32837c2d. I had the option to see/buy from the store in Oct 2022, this month that ability no longer shows in the store pages. My balance is 100cmu. Is there some option or setting I have adjusted that may have caused this?

  • Same Issue.I play in Japan.

    The cmu purchase is still unavailable.


    GAME version2.104.1.

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  • NYC/USA Same issue. Tried clearing cache and reinstall. No change.

  • I'm having the same issue. 🇬🇧

    Subscription data shows Jan 01, 0001, but shows correct info in Google Play subscription list.

    Uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache and data.

  • Update:

    I found a possible solution that could bring the CMU purchase back to scanner.

    1. Find a third-party Android market (I used ApkPure, while ApkMirror is also an option), and search Google Play for latest release.
    2. Check the hash value, which should be exactly the same with official release.
    3. Update it from the third-party Android market. The latest should be 33.5.17 or something (as of 2022.12.18)
    4. The Google Play should be updated successfully.
    5. Open the scanner and the CMU purchase should be back, based on my own experiment.

    The solution above has been tested by two other Xiaomi / OnePlus users and they reported successful.

  • The latest update from the android play store has fixed the issue for me.

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