What is your Biggest Adventure in Ingress? A 10 year anniversary post.

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Happy 10 years Agents! I can not believe how long I have been here, able to celebrate and love this community we are all a part of. I want to celebrate it with you so I thought we could do a series that highlights the best experiences we've had in this game that is now turning a decade old!

This thread I wish to dedicate to our biggest adventures in the game. What is your biggest adventure you've had here in last 10 years? What did it include? What made it the biggest adventure you've had? Would this experience have happened outside of Ingress?

I want to hear your stories! If you have a suggestion for another great memory prompt, feel free to post a comment or make your own forum post! Let's share our amazing memories of the last 10 years!


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    Camp Navarro (and transit through San Fransisco), no contest! The months leading up to it and running the TS-Morpheus investigation with my team were a ton of fun, it was my first (and to this date only) time flying from Europe to the Americas, and the actual stay at Navarro was magical. Seeing all these agents and their creativity was an experience like no other, and I also met one of the best investigators there :) I know that organising such an event is probably expensive as heck for Niantic, but god do I want another one.

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    Hard to say. Chartering a plane to an island, flying to take part in Obsidian HK or going away with Ingress friends to do homogeneous fields between 3 continents?

    Getting signal with home brew antenna gear at a remote portal?

  • Been playing almost four years.

    Random stuff:

    1. the op that brought together multiple east coast North America boxes.

    2. The run up to Brooklyn anomaly 2019.

    3. Essentially taking over maintenance of a neighborhood during COVID.

    4. The first complete mission banner done out of town.

    5. Out of town FS. Looking forward to getting back to that again. Hopefully come April we get a reasonable F2F first Saturday.

  • Great thread idea, it's certainly inspired a lot of reminiscing and photo sharing in Scotland.

    For us, collectively, there's been some fantastic adventures off the back of ingress.

    Boat trips to many, many remote and nearby islands and lighthouses, many we'd never even heard of before ingress, many incredibly difficult to access, all a lot of fun.

    Group trips to anomalies all over Europe and beyond with drunken stories, after-parties, accidents and many friends made.

    Camping trips to beaches, tiny islands, mountain tops and remote corries & mountain passes. Some wildly successful, some total disasters but brilliant anyway (looking at you Skye).

    Many, many memorable mountains climbed by many different players over the years

    Country covering BAFs with dozens of folk involved, little BAFs with just a couple, and everything in between.

    Whisky tours, pub night, BBQs, brunches, weekends away just for fun as a team.

    Honestly so many great memories, even the mildly traumatic ones, and ultimately all came from ingress one way or another 😁

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    One of the best Ingress trips, and funniest.

    Was global shards, we needed a blocker dropped 1500km away. There was a local Enl player (5heldon) in the remote town, so stealth was required. We crowd sourced the airfare and I booked a cheap backpackers to stay at.

    Arrived, knocked on door of backpackers, no response, waiting like an hour or two and eventually someone turned up and let me in.

    My assigned room was a big one, with 10 beds, but empty. Nobody else was there, so I selected a nice looking bed, put my stuff there and went to Ingress.

    Failed - A blocker had been thrown in another state dooming the operation.

    In the course of the days activities I had shown up on Intel and 5heldon invited me for a beer. In the meantime I had gotten back to the backpackers and went to my room only to find 8 pairs of boots outside the door and a prison release form laying on a table and my stuff shoved to the worst bed. Fearing the worst that they were all out drinking and would return back, drunk at midnight or something, I decided to take the Enlightened offer of a beer up.

    I rang 5heldon, explained the situation and he told me to come over, have beers n BBQ and stay at his place. He didn't even poison me or anything!

    Had a great safe, night and a lot of fun. Was a tad warm though.

    Here are some pictures from the trip.

    5heldon and I.

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    Omg guys thank you so much for sharing!!! I'm loving these <3

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    There were a lot of adventures that my group made, mainly during the pandemic period. One was engaging another rival agent against portals and fielding in his territory. Exploring Dallas, Denton, and other nearby cities while completing mission banners and fielding was also memorable. At one point, we thought we couldn't finish the SMU Mission Banner because we thought the portal was inaccessible. After all, the library and museum were closed, but we walked around the building and got it. We couldn't complete it without the encouragement of the guardians. One said we could do our scavenger hunt, while others led us to that difficult portal. We will always be grateful to them :)

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