Community request to undo false positive ban #freeazarole

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Let's start on a positive note. As Ingress players we all value the effort that has been made with anti-cheat systems. We, as a community, understand the importance of Fair Play and also understand the technical difficulties that come with it. No system is perfect, so fortunately there is also moderation and appeal. 

Besides that; cheaters might get caught by the community via reports. When the community is sure something isn't Fair Play the community reacts by reporting a player. In this case the community asks you to correct a false positive.

We as a community (both resistance and enlightened) are sure something has gone wrong here. Now we have an innocent victim who loves the game as we do. A player who has a clean trackrecord, a positive playing attitude and has been an asset to the community for years and years.

We refuse to believe, that you are unwilling to listen to your players. Your fan base. The same people that travel, organise, pay and communicate. The people that helped make this great game.

This sets a scary precedent for other players; will they get banned too, not knowing what they've done wrong? 

On behalf of all the players that support restoring his account; please #FreeAzarole

To show our support we will share our #FreeAzarole pictures and stories on the socials, in the hope he can rejoin our awesome game. 

Kind regards, 

Your XF Community

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