Portal not visible on scanner

I encounter this bug from time to time for at least last two years. It happens when I link to distanc portals and I get to them later. Portal is clearly there, you can see it by links comming from that spot but its not targetable. I have to restart game to resolve this.

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  • Today it occured again on portals that hasnt been linked. There should be portals on red dots. I can stay there and they wont load up.

  • I can confirm that this happens sometimes.

    The problems seems to be that the portal is displaced in the scanner - it is actually there but rendered at wrong location. I did have some occurrences where this displacement was just a few meters, so I could actually see the portal next to its links.

    If you have a key from the portal or one near to it, one workaround is to load the environment from the key view and select the portal there. This will most of the time put the portal back to the correct location.

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