At least two legitimate agents were permanently banned in error in the last 48 hours.

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I personally know of 2 agents in our local area who were banned on Thursday without receiving any email or warning.

**If this happened to you or somebody in your area that you know about, please post the number of agents affected below, in the same format that I just used above.**

(Do NOT list any case numbers, and do not list any IGNs. Or Niantic will close the thread again.)

The purpose of this thread is to identify how widespread the bug (reported yesterday) is, and to try to assess the impact and severity.


In order to make sure we follow the forum rules and maximize the chances of this thread not being closed, please:

Make a ban appeal, but do NOT post that you or someone else made a ban appeal:

- Do NOT post support ticket numbers in this thread

- Do NOT ask for help with your ban or someone else's ban in this thread

- - -

Niantic: I am doing my best to stay within the bounds of the forum TOS. If I need to change anything about the post, feel free to let me know. The goal of this post is to assist you in remedying the situation as quickly as possible for the agents involved. Thanks.

(Basically trying to follow the same template that @M1chaeI is using in this thread:

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    @NianticBrian This issue is not resolved.

    Hiding behind ambiguous terms of services may be a thing to do, but would it be blunt to be honest about why you ban a legitimate non-cheating player without ANY information or warning?! No emails were sent, the appeal was butchered with only ToS comments

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    Also, all the comments about upholding the TOS, please also ban ALL the accounts whom have had police reports by multiple people sent to the support but still play.

    If you stand with your TOS, uphold them, not randomly use them!

  • NoSpringsNoSprings ✭✭✭
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    When you say the appeal was "butchered," do you mean it was basically empty (with no human text inside)?

    Shortly after posting the message above, I heard back from both of our agents, and they (seemingly magically) both received a reply to their appeal -- whether it's an "update" or a "final review" is completely impossible to know.

    It literally just says:


    Niantic Support

    And that's it.

    Can anyone please advise what's going on?


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  • menbakamenbaka ✭✭✭✭✭

    I listened to the Japanese agents around me and saw them. I felt that many people use ad blocking apps that use VPNs. How are you all doing?

  • @NoSprings @C0MM0D0R3 As someone who's worked a lot of player support: those empty hash messages are likely an artifact of someone placing an internal note on the ticket. My guess would be @NianticBrian or someone else, linking this post in reference to the ticket(s).

  • This is by no means a good way to reward loyal players @NianticBrian.

    It's the fastest way to **** a game.

    Who would want to spend money in a store that could leave you emptyhanded after paying the bill?

    Who would want to invest time in a game that can simply shut you out because... reasons.


    PLS fix this.


  • I was hit by the ban-wave too in the night to October 21st. Played ingress since year one. I'm as sure as one can be not to have violated against TOS of this game. Or did it got mandatory to pay a few bucks every month and I did not noticed?

    And I just received an answer from NIA to my appeal: The ban is final. Well, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

  • Oh. That's interesting. I have a couch-portal. Therefore played a lot in my WiFi. No adblock installed on the phone - but my router filters ads. Have no VPN in use.

  • I have to been hit with an instant ban after playing for years and years. I am absolutely devastated. I have spent real money and Invested hundreds of hours and I really love playing. Niantic support have simply banned me, won't engage with me at all over email. Desision is final, no warnings, no strikes.

    It's absolutely awful, I am so gutted. 😪😪😪😪😪😪

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