At least 3 accounts probably wrongfully permanently banned in the past 24 hours

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Hey, one player from my local community has been banned in the last 24 hours. Other than that I received a message that 2 other players were banned. All these players have in common that they are very unlikely to cheat. Can someone double-check the banwave that happened last night? I think there were some bans in error.

It appears to happen to long-standing, not too active accounts.

Please do not post agent names, because the thread might get deleted. Please DO post the ticket number of your ban appeal if you got banned.

EDIT: I'm trying to gather more information by talking to involved agents. One of the banned agents had this issue:

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    I suggest opening a ban appeal AND if possible using chat window to open a second ban appeal from unclosed ticket,that really leads to human check not bot-only. It will take some time,but if usual ban appeal is likely rejected,alternative escalated appeal should do the trick. In my case wayfarer told i am banned,but account was pingable,and it took 1.5 month or more to result.

    Also i suggest to have a closer look which things are the same for all "frozen" agents. Maybe an interaction with bad actor,even un-noticed. The more info you can provide is the best imo.

    Good luck:)

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    Thanks for this information, but this was the first thing that was started already.

    Account not pingable, still can be found in Niantic Social

    I am curious to see if agents on both sides have had unexplained bans out WITHOUT ban email or even a warning

  • Exactly my case. Today's ban, long-standind account and not too active. I haven't received any emails or warnings. What happened?

  • @vital707 your vital707 account is not banned. If this is exactly your case, do you mean that you have more than one Ingress account?

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    @NianticBrian If you need usernames to investigate, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram: (mind the lowercase i at the end)

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    Someone gave me the suggestion to post ticket numbers instead of agent names. One of the banned agents from my local community opened ticket #20057835.

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    Posting the tickets for the agents who were banned in error in our local area:




    The agents who were banned (in the tickets above) have both posted below so you should have all of the username/IGN info you need now.

    Thanks so much for looking into this!

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    If my account is not banned why I'm getting this: "Your account has been permanently terminated for violating the Terms of Service."?

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  • My account was banned without warning and I don't know why. My case number was 20046415. I am a 9 year user and not very active but had just captured a portal a couple of hours before the ban. I did not get a ban email.

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    @bigdog60 Please make a ban appeal here and share the ticket number here.

  • I guess I’m confused-I already filed an appeal and got an email with the case number or ticket number of 20046415. Do I need to do it again?

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    You don't need to do it again, posting the ticket number is enough :)

  • I am one of the agents that was banded and I don't have any idea why. My case number is 20046459. Whatever you can do will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Not sure if it is related, but in August, another agent from our local community also got banned. I don't believe that they would cheat in any way. Niantic denied the ban appeal. Just in case it's relevant I'll post the ticket number here: #18687068

  • Happened today to my account too: #20055374

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    One of our players who is very active received a termination notice. Ticket number is 20072427

    We weren’t sure what the cause was because the agent was recently trolled in an area known to have malicious agents.

    What also sucks is we have a Mission Day tomorrow and the agent likely won’t be able to get badge credit. The affected agent travels very regularly for work and has hit multiple MDs this year by having his employer willingly accommodate stops in MD communities en route to final destination.

  • Long standing active player also got account terminated, no email, no prior warnings.

    Appeal ticket number 20063296

  • player from beta days and took a couple of years inactive as we were moving cities in a real estate opportunity and busy busy busy...

    No notification at all or any warnings...

    Case# 20074221


    October 21, 2022, 10:55 -0600

    Hello Agent,

    We have escalated your profile for a thorough review again. We will get back to you with a decision in due time.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Niantic Support

    October 21, 2022, 08:39 -0600"


    i have been using iitc but see it still in the play store so assumed it was ok.

    i recently invested in more CMU to purchase items in the store so this is particularly upsetting if i have lost all that as well as my achievements and missions from worldwide travel.

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    EDIT: I posted a duplicate here.

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  • so going by case numbers in this list already, there may be 30,000 people got terminated.....

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    @Akaitcho, no that's just the number of all tickets across all Niantic games.

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    EDIT: I posted a duplicate here.

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  • Hey @M1chaeI! @NianticThia had clarified this earlier in this thread: We are unable to review such reports/appeals here and on our social channels. Please continue to report them via in-app support.

    That being said, I'll be closing this thread for future comments. Thanks!

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