Prepare for Ingress Worldwide Stats Competition 2022

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Greetings Agents,

We are excited to officially announce the Agent-run Ingress World Wide Competition for 2022! This November, from the 1st to the 30th and during the 10th anniversary of Ingress, engage in a friendly competition among fellow Agents and find out who among you will top the charts in one of 20 statistics!

Niantic has again agreed to provide codes to give to the top Agents in each of the 20 chosen stats. The Agent organizers will track those stats using the Agent Stats website and app.

To keep up to date, join the dedicated Telegram channel; from there, you can also join the discussion group to chat with other Agents, get tips and strategies, and keep up-to-date with the scores:

In addition to the stat competition, the Agent organizers will also be doing other activities during the month and give away up to three passcodes per day! This includes quizzes, puzzles, and Kahoots!

To participate, you will need to join a special Agent Stats group which allows the Agent organizers to keep track of stats and tally the scores. Please join the group via this link: 

Once the time frame of the competition opens, you'll need to upload your stats. This will serve as your personal base line. After that, try to upload as much as possible, and we will compare the first and the last upload within the time frame and calculate the scores from these differences.

If you haven't used Agent Stats before you can find a manual here:

Please note: If the Agent organizers suspect unsportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to editing stats, using bugs and exploits (e.g. using a duplicated drone), or breaking Niantic TOS, they reserve the right to exclude Agents from the competition and report them to Niantic as needed. Play fair.

Don't forget to create and share photos, videos, footage, and situation reports (SITREPS) with us and other Agents on social media with the hashtags #ingress #iwwc22 #ActualGameplayFootage #WhereDidIngressTakeYouToday #IngressY10 or in the Ingress Community Forum for research archives.

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