no [learn more] for any future mission days? seems to only have "[learn more]" links for mission days that have occurred in the past.

the Las Vegas mission day is only 6 days away now. i'd like to "[learn more]"

RSVP? find out where the missions are?

someone said "search bannergress", but i got burned doing something like that once, so i want it from an official Niantic source. (Sacramento, 2019, there were missions labelled "MD 2019" and others labelled "MD OCT 2019", as well as old maps being spread around by some agents. i did the wrong ones, and the POC didn't want to give me the point. i was pissed for that, and double pissed because i was doing it with a disabled person with mobility issues, and they STILL didn't want to give us the point, we had to go back and do a bunch more missions. i was furious)

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