Portal scan's screen is black. Mesh not supported. Scan uploaded are green.


Owner of a Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G here, Android 11 (RKQ1.211001.001) (MIUI, Google play services AR updated on 29th of September, ARCore Depth Lab up to date, ARCore Elements up to date.

The game has ALL (even contact ?) permissions. The game HAS been uninstalled/reinstalled (more than 3 times), the camera works, the ARCore depth lab works like a charm, I'm lvl 15.

Connected to 5G, Ingress version 2.101.3.

Upon opening the ingress portal scan, I have 2 situations possible :

1st situation : If it's my first time opening it (reinstalling the game entierly), the scan says "Too dark", when quitting and re-scanning it works just fine and when it's done all it's showing is a green scan, in which if I'm not fast enough to click on upload now, it just disappears. And then leading to the 2nd situation :

2nd situation : If it's my 2nd or more time opening it, the scan screen it black. I can still see the square crosshair thing where you're supposed to aim to the POI you're scanning, though when clicking on the red dot to scan, the screen remains BLACK. And of course it keeps on going until the time runs out and just says it's not a valid scan. Even clicking on MESH, it doesn't work.

Is it a phone issue ? Should I get a new one ? Which one ? It says it should be compatible but isn't. Or should I ADB to a new version of Android ?

Best regards.

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