Rare kinetic wrong number of uses left in the program selection after finishing a previous one

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Edit: screenshots added.

(It’s not a problem linked to the CORE drop rare kinetics missing uses that was just fixed.)

When emptying the finished program of a kinetic, the scanner goes automatically in the new program selection screen for that capsule. If it was the last use of a rare kinetic, the scanner will quit that screen as the capsule is “destroyed”.

For rare kinetics, the number of uses left displayed in the upper left corner is one to many: 3 for 2, 2 for 1, and 1 for 0 (can be seen just before the screen is automatically exited when the capsule is “destroyed”).

If one exits that program selection screen without selecting a program then goes back to the program selection screen for that same capsule, the number of uses left is now correct.

It’s just a visual bug, not a functional. That number is just not refresh in that case.

I will add screenshots the next time one of my rare capsule program ended on the first use to show the number of uses left display is still 3.

Rare kinetic 06345DDF has just finished first program use:

Once claimed, it goes straight to program selection and the uses left is 3 (false).

Leaving the program selection without launching a new one, the number of uses left is displayed as 2 (true).

When going back to the program selection, it’s now also 2.

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