Niantic No Response but Mission Day is 'apparently' in 9 days....

So I'm running Vipava Mission Day in 9 days time... I haven't heard anything from them since the 16th September. No missions have been created (they haven't even asked for the pictures for the missions etc.), the information page with community links isn't created (which i gave them on the 17th September), etc.

I ran a full Mission Day before and didn't have these problems. Is this new Niantic proceedure or am I doing something wrong?


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    seems u should heard by now? try write support maybe? ☹️

  • MontyBishopMontyBishop ✭✭✭
    edited October 2022

    According to the current MD system, you don't have to send pictures or fill a spreadsheet, but the orga (or a fellow agent) have to submit MD missions with the mission creator tool. Vipava will be the first of its kind (?) - the Mission Day Lite, so this might be complicated, if there will also be temporary portals.

    Maybe @NianticThia can help you.

  • I have been requesting access for ages so i can have the template for the picture for the missions. I have the local tourism board picture, the picture for the missions and the missions themselves (in the mission creator tool) all ready to go... but I can't make the "correct image template" for an official mission day in Vipava because of it.

  • Maybe i'm misunderstanding but if you can't edit the image(s) you should ask your fellow orga's for help.

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