October 2022 Second Sunday

October Second Sunday saw agents from all over the world keen to earn another increment to their Second Sunday medal. In the UK there was a slight Autumnal chill in the air but many agents enjoyed clear conditions for the day; ideal for undertaking missions. Our Telegram chat group was lively, sharing experiences and missions completed, wherever we happened to be, adding greatly to the sense of community and mutual endeavour.

We had 58 participants who joined in the friendly Second Sunday competition, uploading stats and selfies using the bot from DhrMekmek.

Stats Talk

Overall: 58 Agents, 16,937,187 Total AP, 11 Level ups, 44,405,496 XM Recharged, 649 km walked, 606 unique missions completed, 928,605 Mind Units captured. 0.93 missions per km walked.

RES: 31 Agents 8,546,571 Total AP, 10 Level ups, 21,661,831 XM recharged, 373 km walked, 264 unique missions 915,005 Mind Units captured.

ENL: 27 Agents 8,390,616 Total AP, 1 Level up, 22,743,665 XM recharged, 276 km walked, 342 unique missions, 13,600 Mind Units captured.

Agents explored and discovered new places for Second Sunday, as indicated by unique portals visited: RES 706 ENL 397 totalling 1,103 unique portal visits.

We enjoyed Second Sunday! A variety of cakes and other refreshments also featured prominently in photographs taken that day, often shared with good company.


  • The Karlosici from the Czech Republic thank the orga team for organizing Second Sunday 👍️

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