Player marker freezes in place on map but interaction moves normally

In the last month or so, I've noticed a peculiar problem where sometimes (particularly on a train or light rail/tram) my avatar will just freeze in one spot on the map, but where I actually am I am still able to interact with portals or pick up stray XM normally. It looks particularly weird when your is stuck at the last intersection and you can interact with and destroy portals way ahead. If you keep the game on long enough, you'll actually see the map unload in the direction of where you're travelling, but the map doesn't move at all.

I thought it was only me having this issue, but some other agents have reported this issue as well. Some notes:

  • It's theorised to be due to the game not being able to handle a cell tower handover.
  • It is often in the same place where it occurs.
  • It is only fixable by a full game restart.

If you want any further information, I have a Pixel 6, have a generally stable 5G connection, and I'm generally on the most recent Ingress app version at all times.

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