Cannot Glyph Hack a Portal with a Fracker

After placing a fracker on a portal only the first hack gives glyphing results. Every other subsequent hack results on the blank "Glyph hack complete" screen shown below.

This has only been tested with a level 8 portal.


Steps to repeat the Bug:

  1. Put Fracker on portal
  2. Glyph hack the portal, and you will see the glyph complete screen showing completed glyphs, hacking and speed bonus.
  3. Wait for the portal to cooldown and glyph hack portal again
  4. When you complete the glyph sequence the Ingress will pause with a incomplete "Glyph hack complete" screen.
  5. I have waited up to a 60 seconds for a screen to populate with no result
  6. If you hit done you will see the green AP and will see the inventory change. Animation showing items getting hacked is missing.
  7. After the fracker burns out doing a glyph hack will result in the expected "Glyph hack complete" screen and animation showing the items getting hacked. 


Current Result

The second and subsequent glyph hacks of a portal with a fracker frezes on the “glyph hack complete” screen.  If you are not closely watching inventory it seems the hack was not successful.


Expected Result

Every hack from a fracked portal should show a functional “glyph hack complete” screen and animation of items being hacked.

This video shows the following sequence.

MP4 Video (560MB)

Animated GIF (4.3MB)

  1. Hack portal one, shows expected “glyph hack complete” screen and animation of items being hacked
  2. Hack portal two, shows expected “glyph hack complete” screen and animation of items being hacked
  3. Place facker on portal one
  4. Hack portal one (with fracker), shows expected “glyph hack complete” screen and animation of double items being hacked
  5. Hack portal two, shows expected “glyph hack complete” screen and animation of items being hacked
  6. Hack portal one (with fracker), shows incomplete “glyph hack complete” screen.
  7. Pressing done shows inventory change due to hack and AP gain
  8. Hack portal two, shows expected “glyph hack complete” screen and animation of items being hacked

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  • Also reported as support ticker #19671428 as forums posts mainly go unanswered.

  • I can confirm that this happens, but I cant confirm how often. This has happend for a while, but not sure its connected to fracker.

  • I can confirm that this is 100% repeatable for me. Last time I used frackers was around May and it was working fine then.

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    Also the fracked level 8 portal hack, even if you press done, does not advance a mission to the next portal. You have to wait for the fracker to finish.

  • Ill confirm, i was trying to do I2S misson at a farm, and had to wait for the fracker to finish to finish the mission. Restarts did not help. Definitely a bug.

  • Niantic Support replied to my ticket with the following. I have not yet had a chance to try this out.

    If you come across the same issue again, then force closing the app and accessing it again will definitely resolve the issue.

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    Restart does not resolve the issue.

    When you start a fracker, the first hack works. The next and beyond hang.

    After the fracker stops, when you start the next fracker on the same portal, the first hack works, and the rest hang.

    I also did an uninstall and reinstall.

    Tested on Android with Ingress 2.101.3

  • A couple of us ran into the same issue last night during a Frack: While a Fracker was active, the payout screen of a Glyph Hack on the Fracker Portal would hang at the end of the Glyph Hack. Pressing Done would drop to the main Scanner screen and AP would score, but hacked items wouldn't flash on; despite inventory increasing (we got the gear). Glyphing a non-Fracker portal while a Fracker was active nearby would result in completely bypassing the payout screen and dumping straight to the Main Screen - but the AP and items hacked would show up on the Left side of the screen as normal. Glyphing the Fracker portal again would result in the same behavior.

    This weird behavior went away after the Frackers ended and everyone at the Frack (6 people on different phones and carriers) all had the same issues. Phone restart did NOT solve the issue (and restarting during a Frack is sub-optimal 😉). This did not occur at a previous Frack a week prior.

    My OS is Android 13 on a Pixel 6 running 2.101.3 of Ingress.

  • I also found the same as the other agents above. Hard stopping the ingress app, uninstall, reboot, reinstall does not fix the issue. Unfortunately for me uninstall, reboot, reinstall, re-login takes more than 9 minutes* so I cannot confirm it fixes the issue with the original fracker. I can confirm it does not fix the issue with subsequent frackers.

    I could not open the old ticket again but logged a new ticket #19914538

    *9 minutes because I want to get atleast 2 hacks in (1 working and one impacted) before doing the uninstall, reboot and reinstall sequence.

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    Glyphing works again in v2.102.2

  • I can comfrin this is now fixed for me too.

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