Daily limit reached

For the past several days I haven’t been able to activate any capsules rare or common. I keep getting the message “daily distance limit reached. try again tomorrow “ regardless of how much orb little I have walked.

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Working On A Fix · Last Updated


  • The same for me . During last 2 days was not able to activate any kinetic capsule. Made no more than 10 km per day, but the last 2 days without any active capsule.

  • Hi! The team is working on a fix and we hope this will be resolved next week!

  • (status updated)

  • works now!

  • I started to encounter this issue right around the time I got my Core loadout on Sunday. Somehow later in the day Sunday, I was able to start one more capsule. Now, I have not been able to start another yesterday or so far today. It still says I have hit the distance limit. Well, I haven't walked more than about 100m today.

  • And now it does not work again.

  • Worked last Monday for a day so I thought maybe it would work today. Nope. Still not working. I am turning Adventure Sync off see if that does anything.

  • I have not been able to use any kinetic capsule - common or rare - for nearly three weeks. I keep getting the same message "Daily distance reached. Try again tomorrow." This message appears even right after I wake up. Now I get an email that I will get less from my CORE subscription. The 4 APEX was a draw for me - now to have 2 fewer along with two capsules that I already have nearly a dozen of that I can't use is not exciting.

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