[BUG] Could not load Ingress account data

This has been happening for quite some time now. Happens to everyone one frequently. Sometimes it's the first time you load the client that day, sometimes you just closed the client due to the lagg issue, and you have to log in again. Happens while on 4G, happens on WIFI on a fiber connection.

Ingress 2.100.1 (new update isn't yet available in Play Store)

Samsung S9

Android 10

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  • I probably play less frequently, so I only see this error a couple times a week. (But can confirm it is definitely a problem that started one or two updates ago and and has been occurring with increasing frequency.)

    Ingress 2.101.3

    Pixel 6 Pro

    Android 12

  • We're aware and investigating, thank you.

  • Yes, this happens several times a day!! Practically every time I go to move my drone. 2.100.1 LG V20 Android 8

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