Neutral Portal corrupted, cannot capture, very strange behaviour when deploying resonators

  • Hacking was successful, luckily, was doing a mission banner.
  • Portal scanning and upload was successful, but scan did not reset the portal state to normal.
  • Not able to add mods as it is neutral portal.

Link to video recording shows that something strange is happening when trying to deploy resonators:

Portal has a Battle Beacon marker. The marker has been there for over several months.

Deploying Fireworks and Normal Beacon over a month ago exactly to the same portal was ok, but it did not reset the portal state to normal.

Remember seeing earlier (maybe even more than half a year ago) that exactly the same portal was having one enemy resonator that did not take any damage, so capturing was impossible.

Here is how Portal looks on Ingress and Intel map:

Intel link to Portal:,24.888889

Maybe NIA is interested of figuring out what is wrong with this Portal and how the Portal got to this invalid state in the first place?

Samsung S10+
Android 12
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