Anomaly Badge: Organized Recharging and On-site Ticket

Dear Agents/NIA staff,

I encountered a question regarding anomaly badge for organized recharging group.

Quick version:

What will happen if a member of organized recharging group bought on-site ticket? Or, is there any way to cancel an on-site anomaly ticket?

Full story:

One agent in our organized recharging group wrongly bought an on-site ticket for the coming anomaly. The agent planned to play on-site but due to some personal reason s/he cannot travel and thus joined our organized recharging group. I heard from previous cases that if one bought on-site ticket, he or she CANNOT get anomaly badge from participating in organized recharging. (A) is that true? (B) if so, in that case, is there any way for the agent to CANCEL the on-site ticket to be eligible for anomaly badge through organized recharging?

Much appreciated for any official solution or unofficial related experience.

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