Minimizing app or locking phone result in being logged out on app-reopening

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If I let my phone go to lockscreen, or if I minimize the ingress application and then either unlock the screen or open the app from background. The app will the first show a black screen for a few seconds before returning the following error "Could not load ingress account data"

If I press the OK and then go through the sign-in process the scanner will be stuck on loading with the "Three spinning dots".

If I then close the app and restart it, it will be stuck on the loading screen

The same issue will happen on each restart until I go to Settings -> Apps -> Ingress -> Clear Cache and appdata, then redo the login - this will then let me into the game.

Once in the game and I let the screen go to locked, I have to redo the entire clear cache and appdata and then login again.

Ingress Prime version: 2.100.1

Android version: 12

Android security patch level: 1 august 2022

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S21+

Connectivity: Same issue occur on Wifi, 4g and 5g

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  • Some questions that hopefully when answered will be helpful in figuring out what's happening:

    1. Did this only start happening recently? If so, was it immediately after you updated to 2.100.1?
    2. Did you try deleting the app and re-installing it?
    3. Did you try logging in your account on another device to see if it behaves correctly?

    This is a nightmare, hopefully there's a quick solution. Good luck.

    1. I believe so, it started shortly after updating the app
    2. Havent uninstalled it, but cleared both appdata and Cache (several times as that's the workaround)
    3. I dont have a secondary device available at the moment, I might try once we get a returned device at work to test on
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