CONFIRMED: Increasing Hack Cool Down Horrible For Environment, Negatively Affects Health

@NianticBrian @NianticThia

Hello! It's me, Cyclebiff - Enlightened agent, MENSA member, philanthropist, and Coachella-valley renowned Sous-chef.

With the upcoming changes September 30th to portal cool down (90 seconds to 300 seconds), I feel it prudent to note the negative impact this will have to Ingress game play:

  1. Increased usage of fossil fuels - As before the pandemic, many agents that cargress will idle longer at portals, which will lead to an increase in harmful environment-damaging green house gases.
  2. Discourages healthy lifestyle - For the health-conscientious player (runners, cyclists, etc.), encouraging players to stand for nearly 4 more minutes is anti-productive to exercise. This is a horrible message to send to our children!
  3. Decrease in agent interest - Not only will these changes lead to a negative game experience, I fear many agents will quit the game entirely due to boredom of waiting.
  4. Damaging to our natural food resources - Complimenting #1, increased green house gases will potentially contaminate this winter's brussel sprout crop and Asiago cheese production (due to the contaminated/lower quality alfalfa).

I cannot think of any positive reasons to increase the cool down, but if anyone has any actual reasons, please chime in.

Please do *NOT* increase the portal cool down!!!!!!



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