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  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    At least allied portals hack faster. I've waited this change.

  • Global battle beacon "anomalys"... THATS the worst decision over the last two years.

    Not this expected change. Its even better than just back to 300 sec overall. HS now finally have a reason to exist again. Just use an RHS and there is your all wished 90sec CD. "Problem" solved.

    Its just 4min difference to wait for an full burnout, if you want to play more and get more keys to be able to create more fields, thats really no big deal.

  • PixelbytesPixelbytes ✭✭✭
    edited September 2022

    I'm going to say the negative backlash is expected given how everyone is used to the current CD for the hacks during the pandemic. It has came to a point we are too used to this CD that it sounds like we forgot how it was like to play in the past with 5 mins CD.

    Nevertheless, this change is inevitable to revert back to original system. Given how heat sink are basically just used for reset hacks, the effects of the item is render useless from it's original intentions. With the 90s CD, Agents don't see a point to put a heatsink during farms to speed up hacks and will rather put a multi-hack instead to fully maximize the farming session within a group (unless you want to reset for yourself in the farm session).

    However, we are not reverting fully back to the original CD with having faction aligned portals having reduced CD (3 mins per hack when you aligned to your own faction) . Base on this, it seems that Niantic is encouraging agents to capture/align portals to their faction so as to benefit in capturing/aligning.

    I assume in the future we will get to see 90s CD returning on special occasions as a perk but regardless, we will need to accept this game change for balancing the game.

  • Other effects than BO reset and lower CD? what should that be? +1 on your engineer badge and some AP? Because probably the half or even more of all deploeyd heatsinks are only deployed for these reasons since 2 years now.

    You have to wait at home on your 2 home portals for some more seconds? What a first world problem... You should see this as an big privilege and dont complain about not beeing able to hack them instantly after each other to get your BO faster done...

  • The heatsink also increase the probability to gain more items per itemroll. And that is probably why I use it so often on the field, to increase the amount of keys. Its s big different between 1 and 3 items on the roll. I do get cooldown between hacks even thou I use double heatsink. But I prefer 20 seconds, instead of 40?

  • There is a solution:

    Put up a VR heat sink Solution: (54s/90s)

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