[Discussion] Updates to Temporary In-game Changes

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As the world adjusts to a new normal, we have been evaluating the impact of the temporary changes we made to Ingress in 2020 on everyday gameplay today, and have listened to Agents’ requests and feedback via a variety of avenues.

The following temporary change will return to its original value, effective starting Friday, 30 September:

  • Portal cooldown between hacks will be reverted to its original value of 300 seconds on neutral Portals and Portals aligned to the opposite Faction, up from 90 seconds
  • Portal cooldown between hacks will be 180 seconds on Portals aligned to the Agents’ Faction, up from 90 seconds

The following temporary changes have been made permanent:

  • Agents can submit 180 missions.
  • Dronenet enables Agents to hack a Portal from anywhere and counts towards Sojourner.
  • L10 Agents can review Wayspots with Wayfarer.
  • L8 Agents on ARCore-supported devices can submit Portal Scans.
  • AP bonus for Capturing a Portal is increased from 500 AP to 675 AP.

This will be the last reversals of temporary game changes added since early 2020.

As always, we encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines (such as wearing masks and keeping at least six feet of distance from other people).

— The Ingress Team



  • **** game off

  • Was there a difference in cooldown for friendly vs. neutral/enemy portals before the pandemic changes? I think that's a pretty neat addition.

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭

    At least we can use all those types of MHs, HS, and resos in our inventories to make room for other items. When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade...

  • If I need extra keys, I'm going to wait. Many times I'm in my car (need AC or heat, it's raining.) So now I'm going to be idling my car waiting for 5 minutes to pass. Brilliant.

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