Rejected missions. Reason ?

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I submit 6 missions which permit to visit the Ruins of Roman city of VOLUBILIS in Morocco. This site is a world heritage site by UNESCO : the description of the missions is :" Visit the Roman ruins of Volubilis, near Meknes in Morocco. Admire the forum, the basilica, and many beautifully preserved mosaics. Site classified "heritage of humanity" by UNESCO (number 836)".

Each mission have at least 6 waypoints to hack. Each mission have one or more questions to know more this site (example : There is now only 3 Gates to enter Volubilis city. But how many gates were present in the roman age ? Clue : between 1 and 10).

There are not lots of missions in Morocco. VOLUBILIS is a major site to discover.

I try to change the path, the description, the questions.... I submitted 4 times this banner always with changes. But there were rejected each time.

I really don't understand why

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    It looks like no missions have been approved, right? Is every portal a question or just one per mission? I'd vote to simplify some of this to get the missions through and then edit them over time. I know a bit of a hassle, but Niantic has made missions anything but simple to get approved, so make it easy on yourself is my go to usually. You also didn't share your rejection reasons which can sometimes help narrow down the issues.

    Next up, I went to the area on the intel map and I noticed you don't have a ton of portals to use. You may run into issues with using the same portals for other missions in the same banner. Some will disagree and say each and every mission is unique, but no one can provide me with something like an 18 mission banner done on six single portals and support has eluded to me in chat that they want to see unique portals. So, keep that in mind. Maybe start with one mission, only one question and see what happens. Get one approved and then try another. Maybe even get the missions approved and then add numbers to the title with edits...

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    I have a 6 mission mural done on the same 6 portals for Second Sunday. Bonus, you don't even have to move to do them.

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    The is one question per mission. Responding by A B or C with a special description for portals to understand and discover this site. With 3 first missions you go from the entrance to the end and the 3 last missions from the end to the entrance. So each portail is only use twice.

  • Niantic has two rejection emails. Paraphrasing them: (1) invalid, boring, or nonsensical content (to a reviewer who only considers one mission at a time), ~and~ (2) Text or photo are not your own. Taken from another source. Maybe copyright infringement.

    You really need to understand and share which rejection email you're getting. Then we can concentrate on that, instead of items in the other email that you didn't get.

  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭✭✭

    First Ive seen this. I’m assuming submitted sometime in the past year? I’m going to give this a shot again as I tried for months to do this and could only get one approved and the rest denied :/

  • You've always been able to reuse portals. Lots of banners do. Like the same 6 over and over. Or a mission leads you thru a park entrance, the next mission or few are inside the park, then a mission leads you back out that same entrance.

    And in heavily-trafficked areas, like touristy spots, multiple banners use the same portals over and over. Some are the exact same portals as a different mission in a different banner. (Niantic reviewers don't acknowledge banners.)

    The mission engine is not sophisticated. There's no way a reviwer would know if a portal is in another mission. They're not researching it manually, and there's just no way it's automated.

  • There are 18 portals in this archaeological site. So I did 6 missions of 6 portals. The first 3 from the entrance to the end, then the last 3, from the end to the entrance. First submission, refused. Second submission: first 3 missions in hack, then the 3 others in capture. Refused. Third submission: 3 missions with hack and password, and 3 missions with capture, mod and links. Again a refusal. I then submitted the first 3 missions "city of Volubilis 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3... "In hack and password. And the 3 others "Visit the city of volubilis #1, #2, #3 "in hack and password and there the 6 were accepted. So, to summarize, the refusal was probably because I used each portal twice in the same banner. Here, being 2 different banners (but whose photos draw only one banner of 6) they were accepted on the first try

  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭✭

    I went to support for a year of denied missions. They told me that my 12 mural missions were trolling and didn't include 6 portals even even though you can't submit without it being 6 and its for a unique site that has 14 portals, informative passphrases that deal with geography and history of the area. Very dumb.

  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭✭✭

    We’ve talked about this before. But I specifically asked support if my missions were being denied because they weren’t using unique portals for the banner and they confirmed it was. Maybe I was getting unlucky over and over, but my comments are based purely on attempting to place an entire FS banner inside a park that had six portals. I was never able to get the entire banner approved. A banner that has been approved elsewhere in the world, so it’s not an image thing…

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    The support person you got had probably never heard of missions. They are not developers familiar with the process - they are contractors (all contractors are expected to last six months in a job), with a decision chart. You took them off their documentation and they guessed.

    You can take their guess over the experience of people who have been submitting missions for 5 years. Ive done this enough years to know - and I've worked in software enough years to know how software and "help desks" work. You've seen many experienced mission creators saying that reusing portals is not a problem. And you've been presented with many places where that is not the case. (See, for example, downtown St Augustine FL.)

    But you want to believe that reusing portals is the issue, against all evidence. Sure, go ahead. Tilt that windmill.

  • DrHydrosaurDrHydrosaur ✭✭✭✭

    I thought there could be issues if a mission used the same set of portals as another mission. Maybe you can get around this by mixing up the portals a bit so that mission 4-6 are not each on the same portals as 1-3?

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