SITREP - Milan (again...)

Players in Milan are suffering of a new wave of cheating / spoofing actions. We had 3 fake accounts banned only during the weekend, dozens during last month. Cheaters have always been a constant issue around this city, but at the moment they probably have more spare time to invest into "Ingress", whatever version they are playing... Again, they take down portals that are not accessible, they have unlimited items and blatant mule accounts, including their kids accounts (this is so frustrating... First, kids under a certain age are not allowed to play Ingress according to the Tos, but really.... Finding myself playing against 6 - years old kids is so depressing), they take advantage and support spoofing actions (apparently they decide what portals players are allowed to use...), all of this topped up by constant hate speech, harassing, insults, trolling and such, as it's their way to drive attention on them (I have the impression they behave like this only for getting a glance of attention in their pathetic and miserable lives...). The only players who last are Pogo players who are desperately trying to create new pokéstops (and please, have a look at my reports on the Wayfarer forum... Milan is covered in fake portals, it's impossible to report all of them as they come out in clusters and as soon as they are removed they are promptly approved again), players who are wintrading and consequently playing against their own faction and players who take Ingress as a sort of interactive FB to get new "friends" (soooo cringe). Since I don't like to make plain complains, here I have some suggestions:

1) Ingress should be connected to one single device. My bf plays multi player soccer management games and whenever a player tries to make a second account they are automatically banned, both the main and the second account. A friend has recently bought an app for helping him on his fantasy football season and found out that he can only access it by his own device. Why can't be the same on Ingress? Bring back the "verified" medal at least, wasn't it gained by a double checking on players' personal number? I guess it was not so efficient as fake accounts have always existed, but jeez at least make things hard for them...

2) portals and fields should be automatically restored when spoofed, no matter what: the regional scores have no meaning anymore, but at least restoring a field would make spoofers' actions pointless;

3) if a player has been banned 5 times from the COMM for hate speech or such MAYBE is not such a pleasant person: put a soft ban on their account(s) at least, I mean these psycos can see other players precise location, I am not so happy of being stalked by psyco red necks really (nor cringy idiots who think I have time to waste on them just because we play the same game...). Same for Waypoints abuses, if an account keeps submitting fake portals or removing good ones he is abusing the tool, so there should be consequences on their accoun(s).


  • For the record: four fake accounts banned only during last few days and one has destroyed every single field in the cell. That's Ingress around Milan, playing against fake accounts, it's not a ar game anymore, it's a computer game it can be played from home.

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