September 2022 Second Sunday

September Second Sunday saw agents from all over the world embark on missions to earn another increment to their Second Sunday medal. Our Telegram chat group shared experiences, accomplishments, mutual encouragement, problem-solving and missions completed.

We had 59 participants who registered for the informal Second Sunday competition, uploading stats and selfies using the bot from DhrMekmek.

Stats Talk

Overall: 59 Agents, 13,192,087 Total AP, 2 Level ups, 35, 676,965 XM Recharged, 704 km walked, 621 unique missions completed, 464,443 Mind Units captured. 0.88 missions per km walked.

RES: 31 Agents 7,181,007 Total AP, 2 Level ups, 19,138,049 XM recharged, 357 km walked, 277 unique missions 37,974 Mind Units captured.

ENL: 28 Agents 6,011,080 Total AP, 0 Level ups, 16,538,916 XM recharged, 347 km walked, 344 unique missions, 426,469 Mind Units captured.

Agents took the opportunity to explore and discover new places for Second Sunday, as indicated by unique portals visited: a total of 1,541 unique portal visits RES 842 ENL 699.

For a number of agents in the UK the day was also marked by involvement in historic activities related to the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, whose platinum jubilee (1952-2022) had been celebrated so recently. From the solemn witnessing of her coffin passing on its journey in Scotland, to attendance at king proclamation events, agents took time out of their day to pause and reflect.

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