Every Rare Kinetic Capsule is shown as a separate item in Inventory Carousel

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This makes horizontal scrolling not so user friendly specially if the player is having tens of Rare Kinetic Capsules. Think a player having 200 Rare Kinetic Capsules and combined 40 other Capsules.

Was expecting Rare Kinetic Capsules having similar behaviour as normal or Quantum Capsules:

Empty and unnamed Capsules are grouped together and Capsule has an item count multiplier visible. Like in this example there are 5 unused and unnamed Normal Capsules and you can Manage them one by one:

It may be reasonable to group together only Rare Kinetic Capsules that have "Uses left" value 3. Optionally there could be 3 different Rare Kinetic Capsules groups: Uses left 3, Uses left 2 and Uses left 1.

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