Every Rare Kinetic Capsule is shown as a separate item in Inventory Carousel

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This makes horizontal scrolling not so user friendly specially if the player is having tens of Rare Kinetic Capsules. Think a player having 200 Rare Kinetic Capsules and combined 40 other Capsules.

Was expecting Rare Kinetic Capsules having similar behaviour as normal or Quantum Capsules:

Empty and unnamed Capsules are grouped together and Capsule has an item count multiplier visible. Like in this example there are 5 unused and unnamed Normal Capsules and you can Manage them one by one:

It may be reasonable to group together only Rare Kinetic Capsules that have "Uses left" value 3. Optionally there could be 3 different Rare Kinetic Capsules groups: Uses left 3, Uses left 2 and Uses left 1.

Samsung S10+
Android 12

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  • HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭✭

    This seems to be fixed. Thanks!

    A small and minor issue is that the player does not know how many total Uses there are left if he/she has more than one unused rare Kinetic Capsule.

    In example below there was one Rare Kinetic Capsule with "Uses left 1" and one with "Uses left 2".

    If grouping as proposed earlier at the top of this report is too complicated, one possibility is to have text below Rare Kinetic Capsule, in this case:

    • Uses left 1 (x1)
    • Uses left 2 (x1)
    • Uses left 3 (x0)

    Number in brackets indicates number of capsules owned.

    Looking something like this:

    Samsung S10+
    Android 12
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    I'm glad the inactive RKC are stacked now, but another nitpick I'd add is that the stacked RKC appear randomly on the carousel between active RKC rather than at the beginning like regular and quantum capsules do.

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    Release Note for 2.111.2 looks good. Not able to see Kinetic Capsule grouping in practice yet as I have currently only one common Kinetic Capsule.



    Bug fixes and other improvements

    • Kinetic Capsules are now grouped by number of remaining uses.

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